Why should I list my funeral home on InMemory Here?

InMemory helps thousands of families find funeral providers every day. Are you missing out on additional cases by not being seen?


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  • Funeral Celebrant Premium Package
    $15.00 / month
    • All Basic features +
    • Professional / customized profile picture
    • Appear at top of search results
    • Advertised in competitors' (basic) listings
    • Professional image gallery
    • Premium badge
    • Add 5 existing customer reviews
  • Funeral Celebrant Free Package
    $0.00 / month
    • Celebrant profile page
    • Advertised in all local searches
    • "What makes me unique" text field
    • Service area
    • Pricing Details
    • Languages spoken
    • Customer review collection service
    • One-click direct enquiry form