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Funeral Celebrants

Funerals are a time to both grieve and celebrate the life of the departed. While friends and family members will often play a role in the proceedings by delivering eulogies and sharing their memories, most opt to have a third party serve as master of ceremonies. These professionals are known as funeral celebrants, and their responsibility is to work with the departed’s loved ones to create a service that reflects on their life with dignity and respect.

Use the search function above to browse the selection of celebrants in your city. We’re building a unique database of Canadian celebrants, including price estimates, customer reviews and certifications, in order to make this important choice a little easier on Canadian families.

About Funeral Celebrants

While these duties have traditionally been the province of members of the clergy, today many families opt for a non-religious service, which has opened up the profession to a wide array of personalities. Each brings their own approach and style to the table, and your choice will ultimately come down to a few main considerations:

  • Fit: Does the celebrant’s approach mesh with your own vision of the service, and with the personality of the departed?
  • Convenience & Availability: Many funeral homes offer their own in-house celebrants. Going this route can relieve a great deal of pressure, as you can feel a reasonable degree of confidence that the celebrant is experienced and has been vetted by your funeral director. With that said, the most convenient choice may not be the best available.
  • Price: Families are understandably squeamish about being perceived as skimping on paying their farewells, but it is important to find a celebrant whose rates fit your budget.
  • Reputation: Finally, most celebrants get the bulk of their business via word of mouth and online reviews. We recommend using services like InMemory’s Celebrant Directory Search to research what past clients have had to say.

About InMemory’s Celebrant Directory

There’s ultimately no substitute for having a one-on-one conversation with a potential celebrant to know whether they’re the right fit for your service. What our directory is designed to do is allow you to compare the options available in your city, and home in on the most promising providers.

Our growing database has been assembled via our own direct research, and with contributions by regular Canadians like you. While we do offer celebrants the opportunity to claim and customize elements of their own listings, claimed listings are not given precedence and we are not associated with any professional organization or funeral home. We guarantee our results are bias-free.

When you’re ready, give our directory search a try. You’ll be taken to a results page listing celebrants in your area, where you’ll have the option of applying a variety of filters to help you browse.

If you have any questions about our Celebrant Directory, or if you are a celebrant and would like to know more about how to add yourself or claim an existing listing, please get in touch!

Find and Compare Funeral Celebrants Online

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