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What is a funeral celebrant

A funeral celebrant plays a significant role at a funeral. As the person who puts together the service, and then officiates the funeral, the celebrant’s presentation, professionalism and ability to connect, shapes the tone and feeling of the entire day. A funeral celebrant must also be able to meet a family’s particular needs – while some families require cultural practices to be included in a funeral, others want a funeral that incorporates celebratory elements. And while some families want to have maximum input into the funeral service, others want everything taken care of for them.

That’s why, when it comes to choosing a funeral celebrant, it’s essential to review and compare your options so you can find the funeral celebrant who best suits your family’s needs.

InMemory is the easiest way to find and compare funeral celebrants who service your area. You can use our comprehensive directory to view funeral celebrants, priests and clergy, and compare price estimates and customer reviews for each option. You can also filter results to see the best funeral celebrants, or the cheapest funeral celebrants, in your area.

To get started, see our guides to finding the right funeral celebrant and funeral celebrant fees, or begin your funeral celebrant search above. 

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