The Fraser Valley region consists of the Fraser River in the southwest part of British Columbia. The city of Abbotsford lies adjacent to the Greater Vancouver area and the Fraser River. Development in the area began in 1858 when the Royal Engineers surveyed the area in response to the gold rush along the Fraser River. With a population of 149,928 people Abbotsford is the largest municipality in British Columbia outside of Metro Vancouver. About 18% of the Fraser Valley population is 65 years and over.

When we starting looking at where funeral homes were concentrated across B.C., we weren't surprised that the lower mainland accounted for around 30% of funeral homes.  What did come as a surprise however was that the Fraser Valley had an additional 20%.  (Note that we are including Maple Ridge and Langley in the "Fraser Valley" with the eastern cut-off being Chilliwack).   By our count, there are 20 funeral service providers in the Fraser Valley, with InMemory (as at June 2018) having 19 Fraser Valley funeral homes in our database.  It is our hope that this information will help make the process of finding a funeral home just a little bit easier for you and your family.

This guide is comprised of 3 different parts:

  • Refresher on how to use InMemory to find and compare providers in the Fraser Valley.
  • Listing of funeral providers broken out by city in the Fraser Valley
  • Summary analysis of funeral prices in the Fraser Valley


How do I use InMemory to find and compare funeral providers?

  1. Review and select from one of our four primary types of funeral arrangements
  2. Use the resources page in InMemory to assist with understanding the cost of funerals and obtaining the answers to frequently asked questions.
  3. Find & compare funeral homes in the Fraser Valley based on location and service:

4. Alternatively, you can view dedicated search results for funeral homes in the Fraser Valley;  for the purpose of this search, we have centered it in Abbotsford with a range of only 25 kms.  To see a broader list of funeral homes which includes almost all of the funeral homes covered in this page, change the range to 50 kms.

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Listing of funeral providers broken out by city in the Fraser Valley

Or, if you'd like to first consider the options available in Fraser Valley funeral homes, we have provided a list for you in alphabetical order by geo-location:

Analysis of Funeral Homes in the Fraser Valley

Just like other cities and regions, funeral prices in the Fraser Valley vary greatly; looking specifically at the professional fees levied by the funeral provider only (i.e. not including such costs as cremation container or burial caskets, cremation fees, flowers, cemetery plots etc.), the lowest priced direct cremation comes in at $295, and the highest price traditional funeral is $4,649.

Average prices for a traditional funeral, graveside service, memorial service (following a cremation) and a direct cremation are $916, $2645, $2,629, and $3.831 respectively.  (See below table). One interesting observation ... on average, the cost of such funeral services in the Fraser Valley are between 25-30% cheaper than in Greater Vancouver.


Traditional Funeral

Avg $ 3,831
  • Min $ 2,243
  • Max $ 4.629

Graveside Service

Avg $ 2.629
  • Min $ 1,250
  • Max $ 3,334

Memorial Service

Avg $ 2,645
  • Min $ 1,039
  • Max $ 3,639

Direct Cremation

Avg $ 916
  • Min $ 295
  • Max $ 1,480

Further detail on additional costs and cash disbursements (over and above the funeral provider's professional fees summarized above) is available on our InMemory resource page - How much is it going to cost?  We are also pleased to provide further information on financial assistance should it be required.  Lastly, we have some insight that you might find interesting that will help prepare you before you contact a funeral home.

Thank you for using  We trust you find the information contained within this site to be useful and encourage you to reach out to funeral homes through and also to leave a review of your selected funeral home afterward your service so that others will benefit from your experience.