By our count, there are over 100 funeral providers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  That's a lot of choice for families looking for a funeral home!   Fortunately, as at June 2018, InMemory has 86 greater Toronto funeral homes in our database - providing you with the ability to efficiently do your research prior to reaching out to the funeral homes.

With this guide, we have covered 4 different topics as follows:

  • Tips on how to use InMemory to compare funeral providers in the GTA.
  • Listing of funeral providers in Greater Toronto by suburb
  • Review and summary of funeral prices in GTA
  • Corporate versus family owned chains

Using InMemory to compare funeral providers

  1. Determine which one of the four most common types of funeral arrangements most closely meets your requirements
  2. Utilize InMemory resources to assist you with understanding the cost of funerals and how much a funeral is typically going to cost.
  3. Find & compare funeral homes in the Greater Toronto Area  based on location and service:

4. Alternatively, you can view dedicated search results for funeral providers in Greater Toronto.

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Greater Toronto Funeral Homes by Suburb

For those of you who are a little more "list orientated", we have provided a summary below (effective June 2018) of the greater Toronto funeral homes broken out by suburb.  (Please let us know if certain funeral homes should appear in a suburb instead of Toronto).

Ajax Funeral Homes

Brampton Funeral Homes

Brantford Funeral Homes

Burlington Funeral Homes

Etobicoke Funeral Homes

Markham Funeral Homes

Milton Funeral Homes

Mississauga Funeral Homes

Newmarket Funeral Homes

Oakville Funeral Homes

Oshawa Funeral Homes

Pickering Funeral Homes

Richmond Hill Funeral Homes

Scarborough Funeral Homes

Toronto Funeral Homes

Uxbridge Funeral Homes

Vaughan Funeral Homes

Whitby Funeral Homes

Analysis of Funeral Prices in Greater Toronto

Funeral prices in Greater Toronto range widely; looking specifically at the professional fees levied by the funeral provider only (i.e. not including such costs as cremation fees, caskets, flowers, cemetery costs etc.), we have the lowest price direct cremation coming in at $505 and the highest price traditional funeral at $8,200.  Not particularly helpful, I know!

Fortunately, with pricing information on over 80 funeral establishments in Greater Toronto, we're able to come up with a little more relevant information broken out by the four main types of funerals covered in InMemory.

Traditional Funeral

Avg $ 5,707
  • Min $ 3,185
  • Max $ 8,200

Graveside Service

Avg $ 3,774
  • Min $ 1,960
  • Max $ 5,490

Memorial Service

$ 4,102
  • Min $ 2,010
  • Max $ 6,495

Direct Cremation

Avg $ 1,999
  • Min $ 505
  • Max $ 3,530

A few thoughts on corporate versus family owned funeral homes

It will come as a surprise to many Canadians that two corporate chains dominate the Canadian market - and in particular, the larger cities in Canada including Toronto.  The larger of the two is Service Chain International ("SCI") - a large public corporation headquartered in the U.S.  The other larger player is Arbor Memorial ("Arbor").  Arbor owns funeral homes and cemeteries across Canada only and is headquartered in Toronto.

Of the roughly 600 funeral providers in Ontario, approximately 100 are owned by either SCI or Arbor.  Of the 43 providers in Toronto (not including suburbs), 6 (14%) are owned by Arbor, and 9 (21%) are owned by SCI.

Interestingly, neither SCI nor Arbor choose to operate under their corporate brand name, but instead have maintained the legacy names of their funeral homes.   It is however easy to figure out if you are dealing with these larger chains as their websites will make clear reference to their corporate ownership; note however that SCI owned homes operate under a "Dignity" handle.

Deciding to work with a multinational / national corporate chain versus family owned homes is a question that families need to answer for themselves.  Larger corporate outfits have the advantage of scale which will help to lower their costs;  from our research however, they do not consistently pass on these savings to the consumer.  With that said, we do not see SCI or Arbor on the absolute high end of pricing either.  A benefit from working with a corporate chain is that they will have stronger internal governance / training which should lead to a more consistent, quality experience.

On the other hand, smaller family owned chains may be more variable in the service they provide, but are more connected to their respective communities and have the ability to be more flexible on the services they can offer (as they won't be governed by a corporate policy manual).

It's important to stress though, that there is no right or wrong in what direction you want to take!

Just a reminder, we offer some helpful comments in our Resources page on points you should be aware of  before you contact a funeral home.

Thanks for spending some time reviewing our website.  As you will note, we just launched in June 2018 and welcome any suggestions on how we could improve the experience for families in need.  If you do use InMemory to research different funeral homes, please don't be shy about letting the funeral provider you ultimately decide upon that you found them through