The Okanagan is in southern British Columbia and one of the warmest regions in all of Canada. The Okanagan includes the cities of Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, and Osoyoos. The Okanagan Lake provides stunning views and is a beautiful backdrop to the golf courses, wineries and popular ski resorts in the area. The city of Kelowna is surrounded by a glorious range of mountains, lakes, and forests and is a popular travel destination. The Okanagan region has a population of 194,882 and 21.4% of the population is above 65.

In this page, we include funeral homes in the Okanagan region - from as far south as Oliver to as far north as Salmon Arm with Kelowna somewhere in the middle.  Our research has indicated that there are 22 funeral service providers in the region with having data on 19 of them.  (For some reason, we were unsuccessful obtaining information from funeral homes in Vernon; if any of our users obtain a price list from a provider in this city, please feel to provide us with this information at so that we can then share with other users).

This guide on funeral homes in Kelowna and surrounding cities is made up of 3 different parts:

  • Refresher on how to use InMemory to find and compare providers in the area around Kelowna.
  • Listing of funeral regional providers broken out by city
  • Summary analysis of funeral prices in the Okanagan region

How do I use InMemory to find and compare funeral providers?

  1. Determine which of the four primary types of funeral arrangements most closely meets your need
  2. Use the resources page in InMemory to assist with understanding the cost of funerals
  3. Find & compare funeral homes in the Okanagan based on location and service:

4. Alternatively, you can view search results for the Okanagan;  for the purpose of this search, we have centered it in Kelowna with a surrounding area of 50 kms.  This covers 13 providers; increasing the range to 100 kms will then incorporate funeral homes in further afield cities such as Princeton and Salmon Arm.

Funeral Homes in Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon and the Okanagan

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Find and compare Funeral Homes & Funeral Celebrants in Kelowna & Okanagan British Columbia


Listing of funeral providers broken out by city in the Okanagan

Or, if you'd like to first consider the options available in different cities in the Okanagan, we have provided a list for you in alphabetical order by geo-location:

Analysis of funeral prices in the Okanagan region

In this section, we provide a regional summary of pricing for each of the four types of funeral services we cover - providing information on the lowest, average and highest pricing for the 19 funeral homes we cover in this page.  Just as a reminder, the pricing we are analyzing includes the funeral homes' professional fees only - in other words, this pricing does not include costs such as cremations, caskets/containers, flowers, cemetery plots etc.


Traditional Funeral

Avg $ 4,101
  • Min $ 3,359
  • Max $ 4,769

Graveside Service

Avg $ 2,768
  • Min $ 770
  • Max $ 3,435

Memorial Service

Avg $ 2,730
  • Min $ 1.450
  • Max $ 3,570

Direct Cremation

Avg $ 1,070
  • Min $ 570
  • Max $ 2,145

To get a better idea of the other costs you will face (above the funeral homes' professional fees), please see the How much is it going to cost page in the Resources section of this website.  Please also remember to take a look at our writing summarizing the points you should be aware of before you contact a funeral home.

Lastly, thank you for visiting our site and this page on Okanagan funeral homes.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please do not hesitate to contact us at