Thank you for reading our city guide on Thunder Bay.  By our count, there are 8 funeral service providers in Thunder Bay with InMemory maintaining pricing details on 7 of these companies.

We provide these guides to help bereaved families make decisions on a funeral service provider just a little easier.

We have broken out this guide into 4 different parts:

  • Refresher on how to use InMemory to find and compare funeral service providers in Thunder Bay.
  • Listing of providers in Thunder Bay
  • Summary analysis of Thunder Bay funeral prices
  • Other information

(As always, if there is more information we can include, or if we can present information in a different format, please do not hesitate to let us know at

How do I use InMemory to find and compare funeral providers?

  1. Select from four primary types of funeral arrangements
  2. Peruse InMemory resources to assist with understanding the cost of funerals and procuring answers to frequently asked questions.
  3. Find & compare funeral homes in Thunder Bay based on location and service:

4. Alternatively, you can view dedicated search results for funeral homes in Thunder Bay.   For this search, we have used a range of 10 kms.  There is no change in the funeral homes listed if you increase the search to 50 kms (or for that matter, to 250 kms!)

Funeral Homes in Thunder Bay

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Find and compare Funeral Homes & Funeral Celebrants in Thunder Bay Ontario


Listing of funeral providers in Thunder Bay

Or, if you'd like to first consider the options available with funeral service providers in Thunder Bay, we have provided a list for you in alphabetical order:

Analysis of Funeral Prices in Thunder Bay

The table below summarizes the average, minimum and maximum pricing for funeral homes in Thunder Bay, and for the four different types of funeral services covered by InMemory.  Note that we are analyzing the professional fees levied by the funeral provider only (i.e. not including such costs as cremation container or burial caskets, cemetery plots, cremation fees, flowers, etc).

A few interesting highlights:

  • Average pricing for funeral services in Thunder Bay are substantially higher than average pricing in other cities of similar size.  Average pricing is in fact closer to that in Toronto.
  • Other than for direct cremations, there is relatively little price variance amongst the different funeral service providers.

As always, if there is other information you would like us to provide, or if you have suggestions on how we can better present this information, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Traditional Funeral

Avg $ 5,375
  • Min $ 5,165
  • Max $ 5,855

Graveside Service

Avg $ 3,525
  • Min $ 3.405
  • Max $ 3,650

Memorial Service

Avg $ 4,085
  • Min $ 3,530
  • Max $ 4,420

Direct Cremation

Avg $ 1,540
  • Min $ 660
  • Max $ 2,595

Further detail on additional costs and cash disbursements (over and above the funeral provider's professional fees summarized above) is available on our InMemory resource page - How much is it going to cost?  We are also pleased to provide further information on financial assistance should it be required.

Other issues

Corporate versus family owned

Few people outside the funeral industry are aware that one large multinational corporate (Service Corporate International - "SCI") and another large national chain (Arbor Memorial - "Arbor") together hold substantial market share across Canada - and, in particular, in the larger cities.

Of the 8 providers with listings in Thunder Bay, Arbor owns 2.  (SCI is not represented in Thunder Bay).  See the summary list below.  It's interesting that Arbor has elected to keep their funeral homes operating under independent names rather than their corporate brand.

Arbor Memorial

  • Cremation Basics
  • Jenkins Funeral Home Cremation and Reception Centre

Choosing between a national / multinational corporate chain versus family owned homes is a question that individuals need to answer for themselves.  Corporate chains have the advantage of scale which will drive their costs down; from our analysis however, they do not pass on these savings to the consumer.  At the same time, we do not see corporate chains on the absolute high end of pricing either.  One advantage of a corporate chain is that they will have stronger internal governance / training which should lead to a more consistent, quality experience.

On the other hand, smaller family owned chains may be more variable in the service they provide, but are more connected to their respective communities and have the ability to be more flexible on the services they can offer (as they won't be governed by a corporate policy manual).

It's important to stress though, that there is no right or wrong in what direction you want to take!

Just a reminder, we offer some helpful comments in our Resources page on points you should be aware of before you contact a funeral home.

We would like to thank you for your use of and as it grows from its launch in June 2018, we will be pleased to offer additional information such as InMemory Confidence Badges and customer reviews to assist your decision making.  We trust this information is useful for you and encourage you to submit a quote request or contact request to your funeral home of choice and then please leave a review of your selected funeral home afterwards to assist others in this time of need.