Vancouver Island is in the northeastern part of the Pacific Ocean and is one of the warmest areas in Canada. The city of Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and one of the oldest cities in Western Canada. The city in named after Queen Victoria and grew rapidly with the Fraser Valley gold rush in 1858 as the main port of entry tot the colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. Vancouver Island has a population of 799,400 and the city of Victoria has a population of 92,141. Almost a quarter of the Vancouver Island population is 65 and over.

Our research indicates that there are 22 funeral service providers on Vancouver Island - 8 of which are Victoria funeral homes. has managed to obtain pricing information on 20 of these companies - providing us with a great deal of insight on funeral pricing on the Island.  We hope you find our analysis below useful ... as always, if we can present this information in a better way, please do not hesitate to provide us with your suggestions. With the brief introduction behind us, we aim to cover the following 3 topics with this guide:

  • Tips on how to use InMemory to compare funeral providers in Victoria and Vancouver Island.
  • Listing of funeral providers in Vancouver Island broken out by city
  • Review and summary of funeral service providers' pricing in Vancouver Island

Using InMemory to compare funeral providers

  1. Determine which one of the four most common types of funeral arrangements most closely meets your requirements
  2. Utilize InMemory resources to assist you with understanding the cost of funerals and how much a funeral is typically going to cost.
  3. Find & compare funeral homes in Victoria / Vancouver Island  based on location and service:

4.  Alternatively, you can view dedicated search results for Victoria funeral homes.   (We have used a 25 km search radius for this search which as a result includes funeral homes in Victoria only.  If you wish to search for the other providers up Island, please center your search on Nanaimo at a search radius of 50 kms, and separately on Campbell River also at 50 kms, and then the remainder of the providers on Vancouver Island will appear).


Funeral Homes in Victoria & Vancouver Island


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Funeral Homes in Victoria and Vancouver Island by city

To make it as easy for you as possible, we have also provided a summary below (effective July 2018) of Victoria funeral homes as well as additional funeral homes on Vancouver Island which we have broken out by city.

Funeral prices in Victoria and Vancouver Island

Through an analysis of the 20 different funeral homes we have information on in Vancouver Island, we have summarized the average - as well as high and low - prices for the 4 different types of funeral services that we cover in InMemory.  Just to make sure we're on the same page, the funeral prices covered below represent a funeral service provider's professional fees only.  In other words, the fees summarized below do not cover other costs such as cremation fees, cremation containers, caskets, cemetery plots, opening and closing costs, flowers etc.

(If you have any suggestions on how we could present this information in a more useful manner, please do not hesitate to let us know at

Traditional Funeral

Avg $ 3,897
  • Min $ 2,700
  • Max $ 5,175

Graveside Service

Avg $ 2,601
  • Min $ 1,495
  • Max $ 3,955

Memorial Service

Avg $ 2,554
  • Min $ 1,250
  • Max $ 4,709

Direct Cremation

Avg $ 1,383
  • Min $ 715
  • Max $ 2,780

Further detail on additional costs and cash disbursements (over and above the funeral provider's professional fees summarized above) is available on our InMemory resource page - How much is it going to cost?  We are also pleased to provide further information on financial assistance should it be required.

Lastly, we offer some helpful comments in our Resources page on points you should be aware of  before you contact a funeral home.

Thanks for spending some time reviewing our website.  As you will note, we just launched in June 2018 and welcome any suggestions on how we could improve the experience for families in need.  If you do use InMemory to research different funeral homes, please don't be shy about letting the funeral provider you ultimately decide upon that you found them through